At Cozy Host our mission is to develop custom web solutions that enable you the individual, the organizer, or the businessperson to establish and enhance your internet visibility. We provide all of the most powerful tools that web hosting and web development have to offer. We ensure our customer's success by the use of cutting edge technology, personalized service, and creative design. If you need a new or enhanced web presence, from a custom email address, a blog, or a fully interactive content management system, we are here for you. And if you are a reseller, we can make your IT a happy place too.


We provide secure strategic hosting. That means you will always get the hosting to meet your needs. The requirements of your applications and the popularity of your website determines what kind of hosting you need. From a business card to comprehensive hardware and software service packages we provide support, and the server configurations, for your applications, such as blogs, forums, galleries and more. The popular and effective cPanel interface is provided to all our customers. This is your dashboard for configuration services like e-mail, usage reports, file management and security. We are fully TLS enabled and IPv6 ready.


Web Development is a term used to cover many areas of design, deployment and management of a collection of configuration settings, electronic text, image and/or data files, or database structures, all which reside on a server. These files, functions and entries present content and features to the end user your client, customer, neighbour or friends.

Server Configuration | Client Side Coding | Server Side Coding | Client Side + Server Side Coding | Database Technology | Multimedia | Security | LifeCycle

Design and coding (which is beautiful, clean and simple) is only a part of the successful result of a project. Our work depends on effective communication with you, our client. We spend time up front and plan your website. By mapping out the primary and secondary components; how they relate and what each component is responsible for, we see how everything fits together. Development goes faster, and the end product is more satisfactory. During the development phase, our clients have access to their daily builds, allowing them to give immediate feedback on the progress of their projects.


We can fix your current site. Even if we did not design and build your website, we can host, manage, improve and maintain your website efficiently and cost effectively. Talk to us about your needs, we will provide the best solution.

Our management packages include: adding, deleting and editing text, images and database entries; adding pages and forms for new functionality; making a website more search engine friendly, secure, and user friendly; telephone support; off-site backups; Server and Domain Management including SSL/TLS fixing, switching, and registrar configuration.


Our pricing depends on your needs. A one page business card could cost as little as $50/yr, if you provide all the development. A fully fledged CMS, with users and shopping carts and special projects, which we develop, is going to cost $200 per year for hosting and more for the development and disk space required. Reseller rates are priced at the disk space required. We invoice annually or monthly. Our management packages start at $30/mo or you can pay as you go for $50/hr. Our boutique hosting system may not be as cheap as some of the big box stores, but the service is exceptional.